Prophetic Series Introduction

Prophetic SeriesIntroduction:

It soon becomes evident in a continued reading of the Bible there is yet to come upon this sinful world of ours an amazing day of indescribable, unprecedented holocaust. It is a day called the "tribulation period" or the "70th week of Daniel." Some believe the Church will pass through it. Some hold that the Church will go to the halfway point of it. Yet others believe that the Church will not so much as enter it. Those three groups are called respectively, Post-Tribulationists, Mid-Tribulationists, and Pre-Tribulationists.

Now without any doubt whatever, this is a very complex and profound subject. But if I may be permitted to do so, I want to take a course through it that is, I trust, simplicity itself. And I want to do that by asking and answering some very simple questions.

The Great Tribulation
The Coming of the Lord to the Earth!
Europe in Bible Prophecy!
The Coming Of The Lord To The Air!
Prophecy At A Glance!
The Character of the Millennium?
The Importance of Biblical Prophecy is 1
The Understanding of Biblical Prophecy is 2
The Interpretation of Biblical Prophecy in 3
The Excitement of Biblical Prophecy is 4
The Up & Down of Biblical Prophecy is 5

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