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Our design and desire is to present to those, with a heartbeat for God and His Word, a resource which will bring blessing and encouragement. Our site will contain Prophetic Ministry, based on the Premillennial, Pretribulation and Dispensational teaching of God’s precious truth.

We will also present conference, convention, and evangelistic style ministry. We will seek to provide you with the very best of the messages that we have already prepared and those we will prepare in future days. All our material will be for free download, and to be used only in the personal study or preparation of other sermons for the glory of our great God.

We do not, of course, claim originality for the sermons posted on the net.

While it would be impossible to give every man credit for all thought presented in our sermons, we would like to thank the many teachers and preachers, from whom we ourselves have drawn material over the years.

We pray earnestly that God will use this material for the everlasting good of others and the uplifting of the name of our dear Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.

Both preachers have had a wide preaching experience throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It has also been our great privilege to visit the United States of America and Canada where we enjoyed the rich blessing of the Lord.

We would consider it a privilege to visit any country with the great message of God’s Precious Word, so, if we can be of any help to any Evangelical Church or Christian group, we would be delighted to consider your invitation.

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The Book Of Daniel

The Book Of DanielThe Battleground Of Truth
An Examination Of The Book Of Daniel
The book of Daniel is particularly suited to be a battleground between faith and unbelief; it was none other than the Lord Jesus Christ who said, “When ye, therefore, shall see ...

At The Cross

At The CrossSilence: Our Suffering Saviour Is Speaking!
Reading Luke Chapter 23 v 27-28
All too frequently, when silence would have been golden, some have displaced their inward thoughts with words to the deep, deep, outward and inward, lasting hurt of others. Someone says, ah, but ...

Intent Of Biblical Prophecy

The Intent Of Biblical Prophecy!
When I think of the intent of Biblical Prophecy I think of the little chorus we often sang in our children's meetings so, oh so, very many years ago! Always it would start ...

Treasured Truth Today Ministries with Kenneth Humphries
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the Shepherd to the Sheep!

The Shepherd to the Sheep!Are You Satisfied With Your Share?
Reading Psalm 23v1: Part 1.
The story is told of a farmer who had lived on the same farm all his life. It was a good farm, but with the passing years, the farmer began to tire of it. He longed for a change--for ...

Thessalonians Study

Thessalonians StudyThe Marks of a Miracle and Mighty Church! Pt. 1
Every true Church of Jesus Christ is a Miracle Church and should therefore be a Mighty Church! I mean,the Lord Jesus takes sinners who are at a distance from God and turns them into ...