Personal Newsletter No. 32 July 2019

Treasured Truth Today Ministries
Personal Newsletter No. 32 July 2019

To all our encouraging and supporting friends!

Deep and grateful thanks for all your faithfulness to us as a ministry, please be assured your love and sacrificial giving to Treasured Truth Today Ministries is such a blessing to us and to all we endeavor to help in the churches in Romania.

Recently I have been greatly taken with The Apostle Paul's word in 1 Thessalonians Ch. 1v10 "And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come."

The Apostle wonderfully shines a light on some wonderful truth's, truth's toward which he has been pressing as he moves through this first chapter bringing understanding to the infant church formed while he was preaching in Thessalonica, you remember he had to leave the Thessalonians because the authorities had a desire to kill the servant of God and his friends because they had turned the world upside down. So Paul moves towards Berea, remember he spoke of  "Those Nobel Bereans"  why, because they searched the Scriptures daily, from there he moves to Athens where he preached a message on the unknown god and eventually from Athens to Corinth. While in Corinth he is concerned to know how the infant church are progressing  in Thessalonica,  so he sends Silas and Timothy back to witness how the Thessalonica church are  growing and maturing.  On their return he writes this first book of Thessalonians, so interesting to me because through these eight verses he is not treating the church with kid gloves he gets right to teaching further  truth to strengthening this little body of God's precious people. V 1-2 He reminds them they are to be a Saved Church: V3-4 They are to be a Surrendered Church:  V 5-6  They will be a Suffering Church: V7 They are to be a Steadfast Church:  V8 they are to be a Soul winning Church: V9 they are to be a Submissive Church: V10 they are to be a Second Coming Church.  The Apostle mentions the Rapture: "Ye turned to God from idols," he says, "to serve the living and true God and wait for His son from heaven" (1 Thess: Ch. 1v9b--10a). The word for "wait"  here is (anameno in the Greek).  The word used here is used in the Septuagint to describe a servant's eager waiting for his wages (Job 7v2). It is used to described the longing of an afflicted person for deliverance  (Isa. 59v11).  It can be translated "wait up."  The Thessalonians were saved, and they were waiting up for God's son from heaven. What a beautiful picture, that is!

My dearest friends may I be so bold to ask, are we waiting up with deep excitement, serious eagerness and willing service for the Coming of  the Lord. The Thessalonians had been taught the truth of the Rapture, the truth of the imminent coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They were expecting Him at any moment. They were waiting up for Him, that is how real the truth of the Rapture was to this dear Church, it spurred them on to win souls to Christ.  As we write this half yearly letter to you each and every one, let's make this our deepest passion throughout the remainder of this year. Proverbs 11v30 "He that winneth souls is wise".

To date this has been one of the busiest years we have had in our service for the Lord through Treasured Truth Today Ministries. We are so grateful to so many dear friends, churches, mission halls, Sunday School groups and even neighbours. Truly our grateful thanks indeed for your very kind and sacrificial donations to Treasured Truth Today Ministries. Last Christmas and this past Easter has been so exciting for us as a ministry, we have had a mountain of clothes, footwear, handbags filled with toiletries for ladies, jewellery, medical supplies, blankets, food parcels, toys for children all to reach Romania before Christmas and Easter, all of which had to be checked, packed  and shipped, so I am sure you can imagine the pressure on this little team, not that we are complaining mind you as we are just so delighted so many dear friends have pulled out all the stops to help us encourage the dear friends in the village churches in Romania.

We have been working in Romania now for sixteen years, The last time I was there with them was during an Easter time and had the joy of visiting in some of the village churches  for the Easter Box Opening, the dear people of those little churches invited the people of their villages into the church for the box opening, each church was well filled coming to receive gifts from the boxes. Before the box opening the members of each church served up a light lunch for all, I had the privilege of preaching in some of those churches each Pastor had the joy of leading some dear souls to Christ who are now baptised and added to those churches, Praise the Lord! This present Easter that same invitation has gone out for the Easter Box Opening, we trust once again a good number will respond, this is part of an ongoing out-reach to the village people where there is so much poverty, please join us in prayer for a great work of God amongst those dear Pastors and friends.

Matthew 13v46, "Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went out and sold all that he had, and bought it." On the 7th of May 1934, the world's largest pearl was found. An anonymous Filipino diver found that pearl off the Philippine island of Palawan. It became known as the "Pearl of Allah" and later officially named the "Pearl of Lao-tze," it weighed fourteen pounds (6.4 kg) had a circumference of twenty five inches, shaped much like a brain and eventually appraised at over 59 million dollars. Jesus gives the parable to illustrate the value of the kingdom of heaven and those who are citizens of that kingdom.
The greatest decision that any person can make in this life is to accept the Lord's Jesus Christ's invitation to be a citizen of God's kingdom. Acts 16v31 "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved." The Spirit of God Offer's to all through the Scriptures of God this pearl of greatest price free of cost, let's make it known to as many in this world as it is possible to do. Once again dear friends grateful thanks to you for your Caleb like large heartedness to us as a ministry for the benefit of others less fortunate than ourselves, we do so appreciate your standing with us in our labours for the Master in this very practical way, may the Lord reward you richly.

Until Jesus Comes
Ken & Isa Humphries

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