Personal News Letter No. 28 July 2017

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Personal News Letter No. 28 July 2017

Blessings upon and greetings to all of our faithful friends!

Some time ago we had a visit from two very dear friends, we had a meal together and a precious evening of friendship and fellowship. After some delightful hours together it came time to take our leave of each other with many things and thoughts lingering on our minds and in our hearts concerning our time of fellowship. One thing more than another really took hold of my thinking for many months after that visit. As that dear couple left us both said together, "thank you for being our friends!" Yes, just a few words but oh my, what an impact they made on Isa and myself. Words never to be forgotten that blessed our very soul's even to this very day however, words which also deeply challenged us, why? Because we know like others that friendship means faithfulness. From that time onwards the challenge that lives with Isa and I daily is, are we faithful to our friends?

Psalm 31:23 - “O love the Lord, all ye His saints: for the Lord preserves the faithful.

Now I am not a sports fan by any means but just recently I read this about two men I never knew or heard much about. Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth were two of the greatest baseball players of all time. Ty Cobb was known for his record number of stolen bases, and Babe Ruth was known for his record number of home runs. What you may not know, as I did not know, is that Ty Cobb was also run out more than any other man in baseball trying to steal bases, and Babe Ruth struck out more than any other man in baseball trying to win runs! However, these men didn’t let their failures stop them, and neither should we, yes, we all fail and fail each other and friends! I read this maxim many years ago and have never forgotten it. Fix your goal. Face your faults and Forget your failures by confessing them. Failure in the Christian life need not be final. Failed any friends lately? My brother, my sister, do not let failure be your greatest hindrance. Take note of the Psalm quoted above, let faithfulness be your answer to failure!

Well, here we are even after all of our failures, from our hearts crying please forgive us if we have failed you our friends. The work the Lord gave us to do after our retirement from full time pastoral work is still the deepest desire of our hearts in which to be faithful. Often the question is asked of us, "well what are you doing now"? Delighted to say to all of you our great helpers and supporters who have been so faithful to us, we are still doing what the Lord called us to do in this period of our lives through Treasured Truth Today Ministries we are raising finance to help our friends in Romania, sending clothes, foot wear, medical supplies when available, books on request, for Easter and Christmas. We are so thankful to a number of churches and individuals here in Northern Ireland for packing boxes for Easter and shoe boxes for children at the Christmas period. Once shipped at the appropriate season to help our friends in the village churches we support, they are able to invite their neighbors into the service and gave gifts to help these precious people. Of course the most blessed and enjoyable time for me personally is when I can visit Romania and preach and teach the wonderful Word of God, I certainly don't get as often as I would like, not because of a lack of invitations simply because we prefer not to spend the gifts on our visits but to send the gifts to the lovely people in that needy country that we see a harvest of souls being the result.

On the day of Pentecost, the power of God came upon 120 people in a strange form.  The sound was like a great wind, as when a storm is breaking in its full force.  In appearance, it was like tongues of fire resting upon each of them.  In effect, it was like an electric current which is suddenly turned on a sleeping motor which suddenly leaps into action and becomes a dynamic moving thing.  These 120 people suddenly lost all their fears and timidity.  They were charged and surcharged with a strange new power and from now on they would rely upon this power to preach the word, win the lost, heal the sick, and face a hostile world.  It was the same power which they had seen their Saviour use while on earth, to heal the sick and raise the dead and many more wonderful miracles.  To them it had been a strange, hidden power!  The power of the Holy Spirit!  That power of the Holy Spirit is the only real power the New Testament church had.  It is the only power which can convict a lost soul, and save a lost soul today.  It is the same power which has generated every revival since, and it is absolutely essential to any revival that will happen today.” Oh! for an out pouring of such a power in the days we live that we see and hear off many dear souls come to a believing faith in Jesus Christ!

Sitting at breakfast in Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America on the 11th September 2001 is a morning I will never forget should I live to be one hundred years of age. “Have you heard the news?” The young lady looking after our table, tears streaming down her lovely fresh young face, cried out! “What News!” Came my puzzled response. “There has been a terrible explosion in one of the twin towers in New York City.”  Hurriedly, leaving our table we went to our room and immediately switched on the television just in time to see United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767 crash into and plough through the second of those Twin Towers, plunging many dear souls to instant death, sending flames and debris showering down on Church Street, New York.

How could two such magnificent machines with such competent pilots make such a mistake? One, maybe! Two? Never, this has to be the work of a terrorist mind I thought. Coming from Northern Ireland, as I do, at once, set my mind racing to home and the evil mind set of the terrorist’s that have stalked our beautiful country for over thirty years. Killing, maiming, bombing, continual destruction and mayhem, without a second thought for those who would in the deepest of agonies suffer with loss of limbs, loved ones, businesses, properties, and the indignity of being terrorized by sick minds who could care less about the personal feelings of people but whose only desire was to fulfil their own twisted mind-set agenda!

This very morning as I returned to finish our half yearly letter with respect to our work with Treasured Truth Today Ministries we were confronted on our News Cast with another disaster following the recent disasters in London, Manchester, London, and now today. A large block of flats (apartments) again in the City of London burning fiercely . My heart sank, death, disaster, destruction, again! Like a thunder clap my heart and mind remembered Isaiah 64v7 "And there is none that calls on your name, that stirs up himself to take hold of you Lord, for you have hid your face from us, and has consumed us, because of our iniquities." One of the reasons I so love preaching and teaching "The Second Coming of Christ" is because it is a message of great urgency. Dr. Adrian Rogers in his book "Unveiling The End Times In Our Time" wonderful messages on the book of Revelation gives us four powerful headings in the first chapter. (1) The Central Person Of Prophecy: (Jesus) (2) The Clear Purpose of Prophecy: (To Show things which must shortly come to pass) (3) The Comforting Promise of Prophecy: (A promise of blessing to those who read and heed) (4) The Certain Performance Of Prophecy: (The time is at hand) (Meaning the coming of the Lord could happen at any moment) The Time Is Short! The Need Is Great! The Message Is Urgent!

My brothers and sisters we are thankful to the Lord for the openings given at home and in Romania to spread the message of the Gospel surely we must in these dark days use every opportunity to speak the truth in love as doors are opened to us, thank you for standing with us! As we enter the second half of 2017 God willing, we do so looking forward to hearing from you; we would absolutely love to accept an invitation to come and minister, teach Bible Studies or preach the gospel. If we can help in any way it will be a delight to hear from you wherever you are; we are  your servants for Christ sake!

Until Jesus Comes

Ken & Isa Humphries

Home Phone: 028 9753 3252 Mobile Phone: 07712 582637
Home Address: 21 Mayfield Grove, Kinallen, Dromara, Co. Down, Northern Ireland BT25 2QP

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